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June 20, 2016


Suzy Andrews

Thank you so much for such a reflective and thought-provoking, prayer-inspiriting piece!

Fionnola Morris

Excellent article which does indeed pose the question that need to be asked whenever Christians vote. Ultimately the EU, whatever its faults does have at its core peace, integration, cooperation and safeguarding workers' rights and prosperity has its part to play in political stability and despite the severity of the refugee crisis is responding relatively well. However this crisis is in part caused by meddling in Middle Eastern conflicts and globalitthT exploits the weakest counties, and therefore of our own making. Equally our UK Monetarist government will never plough money into public health or education even if we"saved" any money by leaving the EU. Moreover, the Tories are righting bill of rights which I do not trust. I am also an economic migrant working in China and equal numbers of Britons have emigrated as immigrants arriving. To end this and for me to return to the UK would mean unemployment and poor housing despite skills and education. Finally, whatever the symbolism at the heat of the EU, leaving will not put us out of harm's way of any End Times battles or tribulations unless we get off grid or fly to the moon.

Gwilym Hughes

Thank you Malcolm for allowing your word to be shaped by God's words to straighten your crooked lines They are appropriate words that bring a fresh breathe much needed.With your permission would you be happy to allow me to place your document on the Elim Community Church's website.

Malcolm Duncan

Of course Gwilym

Florence Sutherland

Very helpful
Thank you

Alison Swift

Bless you Malcolm, my husband Alec & I listened to your sermon. It brought us hope, helped us to engage as Christians. Since listening I have shared the hope we have in the Lord with lots of my friends partly through Facebook. Thank you. With love & prayers

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