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June 24, 2016


Ivor Greer

Amen, Malcolm. In Cambodia we didn't need to loose sleep following the turn of events. But my prayer, as yours, is for God to raise up men and women who can indeed bring leadership and healing to a very divided United Kingdom. May Christians hear your threefold plea.


Thank you Malcolm for taking the time to write this encouraging & truthful message, & reminding us that because we belong to Christ & His Kingdom; we have a responsibility to act towards others with a Christlike manner (fruit of the Spirit) & therefore embrace our future with confidence knowing OUR God is still in control.....

Brian Davison

Bless you Malcolm. Wise and gentle words from a true servant. Today and the coming days are an opportunity for the church to rise up and show we can behave differently to the world, and that we belive God works all things together for good (whetehr he sent them or not) with those who love him.

Ivan Michael

God works His purpose out and is the head of all nations. His will is always done. As Christians we need to see and understand that. He plants and He plucks up and all things work together for good to them that love God and are the called according to His purpose. As Christians although we voted we all need to accept that Gods will has been done.

Eileen Owens

Thank you Malcolm, I also listened to your sermon on Sunday, and found it really helpful

Dorothy Getliffe

Thank you for taking the time, Malcolm, to say most eloquently and thoroughly what many of us Christian leaders are thinking.
Bless you, your close family and your church family
Dot ( DeaconPink..Scottish Diaconate)


Thank you for wise words


Wise words in a world of confusion. Bless you Malcolm.

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