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November 10, 2009


Suzie Foulkes

Thank you Malcolm,
for thinking of others in your time of rest and reflection. Enjoying your company too! God speed your recovery, love to all


Hey Suzie

Hope you and Nick are well. Great to hear from you and thanks for taking time to visit the blog. God bless you. I pray Bournemouth is seeing the impact of your lives and service for Christ. Would be great to see you sometime.


Marianne Needham-Bennett

Thank you Malcolm, your words are a tonic in the middle of the day, bringing peace and stillness as i read them and joy in my heart for the love with which God loves me, the light He brings into the darkness, the hope i have in Him. Thank you for bringing His presence into my study at my desk so that i dont want to leave it and that it brings joy into my heart and a smile to my face and a sigh to my breath as i see it as i look up and out at all the beauty around me.

Trish Neeves

Malcolm, If you go on writing like this, I shall be praying that you remain silent vocally!! Your love for us all shines through your writings and is so encouraging. But what is even more encouraging is that God loves each one of us even more!! A friend of mine came to coffee one day and gave me a tiny note with the words "the nowness of everything is wondrous!" - how incredibly true this is. Alas, she died last year and the piece of paper stuck on my kitchen cabinet is faded so much to make it unreadable but the sentiment will never fade. Look after yourself - God needs you. With love Trish

Malcolm Duncan

Thanks fr your comments folks - and your encouragement. Marianne - thank you for your card too - it was beautiful. Living in the power of this very moment is just wonderful, isn't it.,,

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