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November 16, 2009


Jan Hayward

Again, you have 'hit the nail on the head', Malcolm. For so many of us apologising does not come easy. I wonder if it also linked into the current discussions of forgiveness & whether to be able to forgive really hangs on receiving an apology first ( which I would disagree with). Is it our society unable to trust & respect the leaders ? Or the fact so many are growing up without self respect & self worth ?
I do despair of the C/E in its divisions. Showing the world that Jesus' words that we are all one, all priests. all equal, all servants are not good enough for it. Grrrrrr ......
Hours of discussion here !

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The way is that I marginalize some asylum seekers and exploitation of an underclass with miscarriages of justice. We could controversy all them until the cattle come house.

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Forgiveness is something that takes time because you cannot predict how long the pain that you feel will subside. If you forgive someone the pain on your chest will slowly go away...

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Excellent Malcolm - thank you for speaking this into the life of Birmingham

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