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November 05, 2009


Jan Hayward

Dear Malcolm, I was trying to find a way of communicating with you directly & privately ! I don't think others would be interested in what I have to say especially ! So, how can I do that ?
Meanwhile, I so empathise with what you say on suffering, it is a foundry in which we are melted & moulded by God. We come to a point (for me very rapid) where we realise that there is nowhere else to turn (Ps118v19), even the best Drs' knowledge has its limits. The Word of God, being opened up by friends who send me so many verses, becomes alive. And Jesus' tears in the garden,so heartening, if He wept then He understands my need to.
Here I sit, in the City Hospital in Belfast, hearing 'your' accent all around me ! I'm having the 2nd lot of this 'experimental' chemo & am so well ...can it be working already ? I trust in God alone.
We pray for you as you stay mum ....obviously difficult ! And as you wait to hear the outcome of the biopsies, not easy. May you all continue to know the depth of the peace of God which is so unlike anything else, & keeps our hearts & minds at ease. I also pay for a solution to your pain, & deep sleep at night.
Anyway, I have more to say to you .....
With love, Jan x


Hi Jan

Thanks for the message - I have spent quite a lot of time praying for you today. You can email me on malcolm@warham.org.uk and it will come to me privately.

I have to say that you are an inspiration to me - and both you and Jonathan are a continual reminder of God's grace and power in the midst of adversity. Your attitude to your cancer and the way in which you have radiated the love of God is amazing.

Trusting you are enjoying the beautiful Enniskillen - it is a remarkably 'thin place' I think, with such beauty and tranquility all around. I was once part of the Ulster Youth Theatre and performed in the Ardowen Theatre there - is it still flourishing?

Assuring you of my thoughts, prayers and love.


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