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October 22, 2009


Karl F Longworth

I couldn't agree more.

If we want the right to be heard then we must be prepared to allow others to do so, even if we find what they are saying repulsive. That is the cost of democracy.

I think your word of caution to those of who are Christians is timely. In a society where faith is being marginalised, we need to recognise the link between what we sow and what we reap.I am not sure that the church has often applied this to the areas of democracy and human rights.

I am looking forward to reading other material on your blog.


Hi Karl

Thanks for the posting - and thanks to the 50 or 60 comments on facebook regarding the post or the ones directed back to me personally. Griffin did make a bit of a fool of himself in the end - which both surprised and relieved me. We cannot claim the right to speak if we do not afford the same right to others - simple, in my view.


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