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September 08, 2006



Like your work. Would like to know more and discuss ideas.


Malcom. I am chair of a church group involved in social justice in my town. We are entering into our third year and have been involved in campaigns such as Fairtrade stalls, becoming a fairtrade church, sending 2 buses to Edinburch for the G8 and getting 1000 postcards from all the local churches out to the prime minister. I am keen to develop the group and see the best was as through a bottom up approach by having a calander of events in each church. Moreover, to go outside the church to the wider commmunity via using the fairtrade town campaign via getting councillers, MP, shops, media involved. We Have just set up a database, got the go ahead for a website and have a newsletter. Moreover we are self finding because we have the support of the local churches allowing us to run fundraising social nights. I am writing to you because i am keen to learn more about what other groups are doing accross the country and would be gratefull for any advise you could give us in our own journey. Thank you Kieran.

Gavin White

Interesing thoughts on Tony Blair's future..like the blog...makes thought provoking reading


Hey Malcolm, just wondering when you were going to post a few more entries on your blog? I really enjoyed the first few, and have been missing any further thoughts and observations... Be encouraged... we want more! :)

Margaret Stunt

Thank you for sharing what we know is HIS heart for our Nation, so glad that you were able to be there and speak the Truth in love with mercy and compassion.
Pray that you will continue to have open doors to places of influence.
Loving God Loving People Loving Life
Margaret Stunt

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