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July 06, 2016


Malcolm Duncan

Thank you all so much for your beautiful messages of encouragement and comfort. They are so uplifting and so moving. The family is very grateful for your kindness.

Kingsley Onalo, Hillingdon Pentecostal Church

Sad to hear this, but we are joyful knowing that he has been called to glory. Pst Jim has been a tremendous blessing to the body of Jesus. My family will definitely miss him


He was a great man of God. I loved his teachings and the passion he had for Christmas. Sleep well rev Jim

Lynda Thomas

I've had a few encounters with Jim, all leaving me Spiritually uplifted & grateful to him for his ministry:
Spring Harvest 1985 - Bible studies from Revelation
In Cardiff, when he prayed with me for my healing
On a church weekend.
What a man of God Jim was, he will be missed by so many because he blessed so many in his teaching & in the way he made people feel that they were important to him - because we are al important to God.
Praying for his family at this time.
Now with his Lord & Saviour.

Lesley Taggart

Jim Graham's teaching had a great influence on both my husband and myself. We visited Goldhill Baptist Church many years ago as a result of that influence. Jim's passing will leave a void no doubt in many people's lives but his legacy is immense. I know of many Christians going on in the faith that have been influence by Jim. My prayers are for his family at this time that they will know God's comfort and peace that Jim is now home with his Father and faithful friend.

Keith Henry King

Thrilled for Jim - He wrote about death, he preached about death and he lived as one who did not fear it, because he was following One who had defeated it! I met Jim at Spring Harvest in 1982 (I think it was). He conducted a seminar on the subject of 'The Holy Spirit'. I was one of the hundreds who responded and were 'touched' that night - not by a flakey kind of experience, but by what he taught; he welder together that night for me a powerful (and inseparable) blend of realities: Word & Spirit. I have had the privilege of knowing him and working with him close up for the past 19 years and I will always be grateful to God for Jim Graham - Mentor, Pastor, Colleague and Friend. Praying for his lovely family who will miss him so much. (John 14v27)

Diane Eulinger

I am so grateful that I got to know and sit under the teaching of this Godly man. I thank the Lord for him. We are very saddened by his death, but I would not call him back from the feet of Jesus for any selfish reason.

Our love to his family and friends.

Gene and Diane Eulinger

Ben Casey Mwansa

He was such faithful man. My family and I attended God Hill Baptist Church when we lived at Bulstrode (WEC MISSOON HQ) for a year (1988-1989) as we prepared to go to West Africa as missionaries with WEC INTERNATIONAL. We have fondest memories of his Bible teachings and his love for the flock. What a man he was. Glad that he is now resting in the presence of the God he served faithfully.

John G Slee

Jim was a valued speaker at the Brunel University Christian Union back in the 70s. Thanks be to God.

David & Marion Juliff

A man who carried the fragrance of God's presence to many of us here in Wales on his many visits from time to time.

He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.


You are at a much more better and perfect place,i know in my heart heaven has opened to you as Stephen saw heaven open when he was stoned to death.
Life eternity is your portion,celebrating with you in the bossom arms of the Almighty.

Tessa Justins

We met Jim several times in Portugal and know that this Godly man will be sorely missed by many people. His messages were always inspirational. Praise God for his life.

Anita and Brian Chenery

It has been a privilege to know Jim for many years. We shall always be grateful to him for his faithful ministry, his Godly wisdom, care and compassion on a personal and public level. Our spiritual journey has been enriched as we have sat under his teaching in the days of the Filey Convention, Keswick Convention., Time Out and WEC holidays to name but a few. Jim has unpacked The Word in his easy to understand, but deeply challenging way.
He has lived out his life with humility and has been a gracious Godly man through whom the love of Jesus has shone.
We look forward to joining Jim and Anne one day when we spend eternity in the Presence of our loving Triune God.

Susan Bratchie

I heard today on UCB 1 about the passing of this wonderful man of God.

I was born again at Gold Hill Baptist Church in 1987, I was in my 20's- I was in the most difficult and complicated personal situation, similar to the Woman at the Well, to get untangled from my circumstances lasted many painful years- I came in fresh from the World, totally unchurched- and I found Grace and tangibly felt Gods love on my first visit to Church, a service with yourself and John Wimber, that encounter with God carried me through, I was so hungry, and non- religious, and In your many sermons and teachings I came to hear weekly, I heard truth and was hungry for more of the Word. Through Jim, Anne, Linda Grenfell, Fiona Castle and others= attending Bible studies and Pop In, I came through and still stand a strong Christian on fire for the Lord today at 59! Thank you Jim, you were an inspiration and under your Ministry at Gold Hill I was truly 'rooted and grounded in Love' I honour you as a Man of God. You are now in the great crowd of witnesses cheering us on. Susan Atkins-Jones (now Bratchie)

Rita J. Sührig

I was a student from Germany studying at the then London Bible College in Northwood, Middx. in 1974 when a fellow-student who had a car took me to Goldhill for the first time. It was then that I heard the Rev. R.J.Graham preach and teach for the first time. It blew my mind! As often as I could I went to Goldhill absorbing it all. I loved it when the little door on the left to the pulpit opened and he entered the church with this wonderful smile and silver tie that matched his hair. I noticed his son often at church which was a testimony to the reality of his faith. After graduating from LBC I attended his baptism classes and he baptized me at Goldhill. It was one of the most moving experiences I had. The black and white photograph with Jimand I in the baptistry is so precious to me! His teachings and sermons fill my library and my heart. I just loved his warm voice and Scottish accent. When twenty years later I visited Goldhill again with my little son Simon-Christopher I approached Jim from behind tapping on his shoulder. He turned around and without hesitation as if he had seen me only yesterday said: "Rita!" My heart goes out to his family!

Edwina Smout (nee Murrell)

I had the joy of worshipping at Gold Hill when I was a teenager and young woman and Jim had a profound influence on me, and many of the young people there, at that time (Late 1970s, early 80s).

He was a beautiful man with humility and integrity, whilst preaching with power and gentle authority and warm concern for his congregation. His passing puts me in mind of the parable of the talents. He used his talents well and I can imagine his hearing: "Well done, you good and faithful servant.... Come on in and share my happiness!" (from the GNB used in Gold Hill at the time).

My thoughts and prayers are with his lovely family and all those friends who mourn his passing.

Marilyn porter

We only heard Jim speak once at the Celebrate conference and have never forgotten what he said and even now when we hear some of the bible texts he quoted we look at each other, smile and give thanks to God for his loving, knowledgeable and faithful servant.

Valerie King

Jim was a truly lovely,Godly man. I loved his ministry on the WEC holidays in Switzerland. I remember him saying that it did not matter to him whether he was speaking to one or to many people, as long as he was where God wanted him to be. I will always remember him.

Merlyn Parlekar

Had the privilege of sitting and listening to Jim Graham teach on 'Discipleship' while we were in Ellel Pierrepont March 2015.

Maria Andersson

Sad to hear. His teaching really impacted me when I did NETS 2006. I red in some comments that he has written some books. Can I get them somewhere? /Maria from Sweden


I was impacted by Jim's teaching on a 'Jesus heals' day conference at Ellel Pierrepont. I came burdened by different issues, but my faith became alive again and hope in Christ was quickened in my heart listening to Jim and his witnessing of God's redeeming love and power. I think it was only a few months after his wife's death which made his talk more powerful and poignant. May you rest in peace Jim with the Lord of whom you witnessed so faithfully and may you rise in glory. I turned a corner that day and my eyes returned to focus on my Sovereign God and eternity with Him through whatever comes my way in this temporary world.

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